Houston Fantasy Cars was started in 2013 with one goal in mind and that is to be the lowest cost, largest selection, and best customer service oriented exotic car rental company in Houston. We noticed that other agencies were NOT fulfilling all of these goals and we are on a mission to change that. We offer a wide range of exotic vehicles from Lamborghini to Rolls Royce, we have it all!

If this is your first time renting an exotic car, we are here to help. Our friendly and professional staff will answer all of your questions and help guide you to the perfect car of your dreams. We don’t just rent exotic cars, we own them, drive them, love them and want to share this awesome experience with our customers. We started this company so others can share the dream that we always had and that is driving an exotic car for an experience of a lifetime!

If you don’t feel like coming to the dealership no problem, we can deliver the car to you for a small fee. Our customers love the flexibility and ease of doing business with us. Ready to drive? Just simply give us a call, email us, or fill out our contact form and we will be there for you to answer all of your questions and get you started on the journey of your dreams.

Houston Fantasy Cars was started in 2013 to offer the best selection, prices, and service for exotic car rentals in Houston. Our clients tell us all the time that they are so glad we are here because they were so unhappy with the other exotic car rental companies in Houston. We started this business because we drive, love, and appreciate these exotic cars ourselves so we are in the unique position of being able to understand exactly how special and exciting the experience is for our customers. It is this understanding that is pivotal in how we treat our customers and nothing makes us happier than seeing a happy customer have his dreams become a reality.

We keep our prices extremely competitive and do everything we can to match or beat anyone’s prices if necessary. Once you have the chance to feel the sheer animalistic power and grace that lies under the hoods of our cars, as well as appreciate their sleek and sexy lines, you will be eager to repeat the experience of renting an exotic car in Houston as soon as possible. We also currently have one of the highest repeat customer rates in the industry!

Houston Fantasy Cars is all about giving the people of Houston the type of experience we wish we could have found before we formed this company. You see, we are the type of car lovers that flock to exotic car rental agencies. We truly love and appreciate fine and exotic cars of all types – from the classics to those that embrace the latest in technological advances.

We are a hard working bunch who simply could not find an exotic car rental agency in the area to meet our needs. We knew what we wanted – a place that would allow us to rent the exotic cars of our dreams for a reasonable price and for the time frame that fit our schedules – but we were not able to find it. Sure, we were able to piece together a solution but it was never anything that was wholly satisfying to us.

At Houston Fantasy Cars, it dawned on us that there was a seriously unfulfilled niche in the Houston area when it comes to exotic cars. This niche involves a specific segment of the population that is not interested in springing for an exotic car of their own for a number of reasons. These reasons could be related to a lack of money or desire to invest in the sizable upkeep that is required by cars of this ilk, the increased insurance that is required or the desire to simply not have the responsibility that is necessary when one becomes the owner of this type of car.

We decided to form this business as a way of giving back to the community. We did not find a satisfactory solution when it came to feeding our need and desire to feel the pulsating purr of some of the most powerful engines in the world under our engines but that does not mean that the rest of Houston has to have those needs unmet. Keeping our prices and regulations reasonable so that more people are able to realize their dream is one of our top priorities. Ensuring that the lines of communication are always open and providing you with the very best in customer service is another primary priority.

When we say we specialize in fantasy cars, we mean that we specialize in fantasy cars here at Houston Fantasy Cars. All of our cars of the best models that have been proven to be tops in performance and reliability because we want our clients to have the best experience ever. You will see that our cars are pristine and spotless – both inside and out. If you are ever unhappy with the way that one of our cars looks when you get in it or when it is delivered to you, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible so that we can make it right.

Whether you simply want to feel the thrum of the engines and the wind in your hair as you zip along the famous highways of Houston or you want to impress or celebrate with that someone special, we at Houston Fantasy Cars are all about the experience. We work hard to give you the experience that want. This is one of the reasons why we give you almost complete freedom when it comes to the length of time that you can rent one of our cars.

Sure, Houston Fantasy Cars is a business but first and foremost is a way for us to share our love of exotic cars with others in the Houston area. We are the type of car people who live, drink and breathe in exotic cars. We simply love everything there is about them. They make our pulse quicken just to think about the possibility of running our hands lovingly over their smooth, sleek and sexy lines. Being able to slide behind the wheel of our favorite Ferrari or Aston Martin makes us pulsate with excitement from our heads clear down to our toes.

We know that there is a special class of car lovers out there that is just like us when it comes to exotic cars. These are the people who follow all the latest happenings in the fantasy car world and eagerly await the newest releases when it comes to our favorite exotic cars. While we would love to be able to drive our favorite exotic cars day in and day out, we know that it is not really all that practical to do so. Therefore, we wait until there is a special occasion or else we save up the money to treat ourselves to a long weekend enjoying our favorite car.

Even though we understand that you probably want to be able to rent your favorite exotic car for months at a time, if you are like many people, this is simply not possible. However, we do not want to rule out the possibility of anyone being able to enjoy the experience of driving an exotic car. This is why we do not enforce a minimum length of time when it comes to renting our cars. When it comes to pleasing our customers, we want to provide plenty of choices so that you are able to customize your experience to meet your own unique needs.

While providing you with the top exotic cars in the world is our primary goal, we want to reach this goal by giving you the type of customer service that allows you to enjoy your own unique experience. Whether you need help deciding between which of our fleet of exotic cars is the best one for your needs and desires or you have a question or concern about your experience, we encourage you to contact us.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with the type of response and support that you need when it comes to answering your questions about our exotic cars. No question is too small and no request is too large when it comes to providing you, our clients, with the top quality customer service that you expect and need. When it comes to the global exotic car industry, we at Houston Fantasy Cars want to raise the bar on the type of customer service that is delivered to the clients that frequent exotic rental car agencies. You will find our staff to be eager to help you, very knowledgeable and willing to go that extra mile to make sure that your expectation are not only met but that they are exceeded.